Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Boo Hoo!

I have just lost in an eBay auction. One has to be pretty smart at organising bidding to win. The last three minutes were fast and furious. I believe I was outbid by eBay's auto bidding feature. You put in a maximum amount and eBay bids on your behalf to counter each winning bid. Kev neglected to do that and manual bidding takes important extra seconds to get there. I was trying to win a professional Sony Betacord VCR with little use (5 tapes it was claimed). The winning bid was $225.50. I have heaps of great movies on Beta and my current machine is getting a bit tired. I guess I'll have to get it repaired if I can find an adventurous technician.

In my car hunt for our son, I rang a mechanic we have used before. This guy is a front yard mechanic....a dozen wrecks are a mechanical garden right up to the verge. A variety of parts and tools litter the ground and buckets of dirty oil are standing around. How his neighbors have not had the council come down on him I don't know. I guess he services their cars for free? I thought that he may have a customer who is trying to sell a car, instead he offered one of his cars for sale for $1200. I cruised past his place and saw the car. Rear glass missing; rust, bald tyres and the interior used as a storage place for still more used car parts. No thanks!

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