Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weather concerns and the Steely Dan concert

Kevin will probably comment on this tomorrow. I didn't go, but Kevin, Helen, Martin and Graham did. It is being held in the open air at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley.

We watched the skies anxiously this morning. The forecast was for showers clearing, and that seemed to be happening. However, our preparations included rain ponchos for everyone, as well as folding chairs, rugs and a picnic basket.

The event was due to start at 4pm. It had been dry and sunny for a couple of hours by then. The main event was to start at 7.30. It poured here just after 7. Sandalford is miles away in a NEasterly direction, and maybe the rain didn't get there. I hoped they had played safe and not left the ponchos in the car.

There have been several heavy showers since. I hope they don't end up like drowned rats.

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