Friday, April 18, 2008

Annual Reunion today

of women who used to live in Wongan Hills in the late 40s and early 5os. It is organised by Laurel who used to teach the Infants class. Both my sister and I as well as our cousin Sylvia were taught by her, as were Judy and Barbara who lived on the farm next to us. Their mother came too - she is 93 or 94 and very with it still. I don't know for sure how old Laurel is, but I would like to look like her when I get to be 80 (she has to be at least that old, given that Sylvia is now 67). Notice I am not saying how old I am?

The group gathers at Miss Maud's and indulges in the lavish smorgasbord. Today there were 18 attendees, slightly down on last year.

Kevin was going to Helen's unit in East Vic Park to replace quarter rounds and do other odd jobs, so I had him drop me off at the Oats Street station. A bit of a wait because the trains were running late, but an easy trip to Perth. Cost me 70 cents using my Seniors card. I did a bit of browsing in Myer and Angus & Robertson bookshop on my way to the restaurant.

After lunch I caught the train again - this time to Cockburn Central on the new Mandurah line. We have worked out that if we call home on a mobile as soon as the train emerges from the tunnel to cross the Narrows and a signal is available, the other has time to get to Cockburn for an easy pickup. This trip cost me 90 cents.

I could have caught a bus from the station to home and paid no more, but it is a long trip. It takes 16 minutes from Perth to Cockburn by train (approx 20 km); 34 minutes by bus from Cockburn to Bibra Lake (less than 7 km).

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