Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Great Escape

Our friend John did a runner from his nursing home on Thursday. He must have hovered at the main door until a visitor opened it from the outside an took off down the steps and headed out into suburbia. It was about 30 minutes before anyone noticed he was missing.

He got about three kilometres away using a wheely bin as a walker before some people found out his name and rang a couple of local nursing homes. When staff arrived at the address to collect John, he was seated and in earnest conversation with his hosts.

He had a fall and his shoulder is bruised, but otherwise OK. Joy, his wife, thinks that this will not be the last escape John attempts.

Another friend had his father in a similar walled nursing home which had a bus stop and bench installed where potential escapees happily waited for transport out.

My bro-in-law, Mike is scheduled to have the deep brain implants done on the 12th. Unfortunately he will not know if it is successful for another month after the operation as the machine will not be activated until the surgery has healed. That would be frustrating. At a final assessment done a few days ago, he was assured that he was an ideal subject for the procedure. I guess that his somewhat dramatic dyskinesis will be reduced or eliminated if the procedure is successful.

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