Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gas leak

At my brother’s house one of the trees on the street verge has turned up its toes.
There is a strong smell of gas nearby and bro reckons it is that that has killed the tree.
I of course, said that I didn’t think gas could do it, but when I Googled ‘Gas Killed Trees’; there it was. In fact the city of Boston has many trees dying because of old cast iron gas pipes leaking.

Read about it here.

Bro reported the gas smell to the gas company and they have been out and marked the footpath in line with the tree. So there, leaking natural gas doesn’t worry humans, apart for the tell-tale smell they add to the gas, but can kill trees.

This week I have a complicated job to do for a friend. He has a severely disabled 43 year old son who lives in a group house situation. I had previously set up an iMac so that he could do simple emailing and get the footy results. I, with help from a Mac Guru, locked all other settings out so that he couldn’t delete or change settings and preferences etc.

The big job now is to remember how to get into the locked down system and transfer his mail addresses etc onto the new Mac, set up his Broad Band connection and once again lock the new machine down so that he can’t make any changes. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for this sort of thing.

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