Monday, April 21, 2008


The Prime Minister's 2020 Summit is over. It could be, and has been, alleged that it was a gathering of hand-picked friends of the government.

It reminds me of the late 1980s when I, along with all the government teachers in Western Australia, attended lavish Professional Development junkets to see the introduction of the Unit Curriculum into schools. These PD presentations were inspiring, but as I recall there was little follow-up. One of the tenets of UC was that students could achieve at their own pace. If young Billy failed a unit he could repeat that unit next semester. Great idea, but timetabling constraints kiboshed that one! Education seems to have a revamp about every 8 years. The current trend is Outcomes which teachers are largely opposed to. We are thankful that we no longer have to keep up with ever changing changes. Why don't they wait until all the old teachers have retired before making changes? That was a joke!

Yesterday we visited Joan's sister and husband Mike. Mike is having the operation to insert electrodes into his brain on Tuesday. He is very worried that it may make him worse. Their daughter Katherine is there to be with him for the operation. She is a Partner in the San Francisco branch of Price-Waterhouse. She is not on leave but conducts her business via the internet whilst away from their offices.

Now a rant. 4WD drivers have taken over the lead of annoying people from Volvo drivers. They block out the view at corners and drive 'up my ar..' I don't know how many Mitsubishi Pajero drivers realise that Pajero means wanker in Spanish. If the name fits!

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