Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yesterday we went to talk with our financial adviser. He called us in...I suspect it was to get another fee from a minor adjustment to our portfolio.

He showed us a graph of the last year as well as a graph of the last ten years to explain how our capital has to take a big dive. "Don't worry' he said 'it'll take a year to settle down and things should get back to a 'realistic' 8% dividend'. It reminded me of when the newspaper would publish the most winning lotto numbers over a period. It looked good but didn't help in the next week's selection.

My sister's husband Don was a graph devotee and in the '87 crash told us that anyone with any brains would have seen it coming. My brother told him that Mr Bond didn't see it coming, but there again Mr Bond was a little greedy.

We still have more money in our Super than we initially put in, so we are not wetting our pants yet.

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