Monday, April 14, 2008

Class Action

Tonight there was a 'report' on TDT (This Day Tonight) about people initiating a Class Action against two chemical companies producing a Dopamine derivative drug for Parkinsons Disease.

The claims were not denied by the companies and several people were interviewed and told of their compulsive behaviour after taking the drug. There were two main compulsions: gambling addiction and sexual addiction. I saw a few visual examples of of the gambling addiction, but unfortunately there was no footage of the sexual addiction.

My bro-in-law Mike has been taking a similar drug and his addiction is to try and repair equipment which, by and large, doesn't require fixing. No gambling or sex for Mike!

His operation for the deep brain stimulation has been put back another week. One would think that there would be more medicos who would want to enter this field. There is only one in Western Australia.

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