Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh dear!

Yesterday evening I had a call from a friend who said that he was going to send me an email which would probably upset my liberal sensibilities. He was right. The email message was one which has been circulating for about four years in Canada and the U.S. and now Australia.

The message suggests that refugees in Australia get a much better deal than Australian pensioners who have paid taxes and contributed to the development of this nation.

It is a rehash of a Canadian email hoax and then an American email hoax and now an Australian email hoax. The dollar figures are the same in each email and none of the assumptions are true!

Refugees to Australia are treated very harshly.

I searched on 'Snopes' and verified that it is a hoax, but my friend didn't want to know. He was happy to go along with the assertions. I emailed the URL for the Snopes page, but I doubt that he will visit that page and be convinced.

I have probably lost a friend over this, but I cannot abide people who blindly accept internet truths. This is tantamount to racial vilification. See the Snopes page here.

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