Sunday, April 13, 2008


Sister Shirl is visiting us here. She lives in Esperance on the South coast and flies up rather that driving the 735 kilometres. The plane fare is expensive as there is only one carrier to Esperance, however in her case, Medicare pays for the fare as there is no specialist medico in Esperance.

Shirl came up here to see her specialist as she is mildly epileptic. The visit went well, but this morning she had a turn. She doesn't 'fit' as most people think is the norm for epilepsy. The episodes are quite rare and when they come on she knows what is happening because they start with a strong unidentifiable smell, then a feeling of Deja Vu and usually some nausea.

This morning's episode was accompanied with a loss of memory of the event. She is resting now and should be OK in a couple of hours. I have to get her to the airport for a 6.00am flight tomorrow morning.

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