Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mobile phones

I drove to Huntingdale today to collect some software I had ordered. The software is Photoshop Elements. Looks good, but it is going to be another learning process for an old bloke like me. Some of the tools are Photoshop like, but it seems that a different team of developers built PS Elements and they decided to make it different to the original photoshop. I will sort it out.

This was the first trip using my new NavMan GPS. It worked really well. Most impressive!

Whilst driving I noticed a woman using a mobile phone in a car next to mine. At first I got a bit offside and thought of motioning to her that she was doing the wrong, and illegal, thing. Then I started wondering what the reasoning is for banning the use of mobile phones whilst driving. I am guessing here, but I think it is because the driver talking on the phone in flight cannot concentrate?

I then wondered if there was any loss of concentration when using the legal hands-free phone in the car. I don’t have one, but I figure one would have to concentrate on what was being said just as much as if using a hand held phone. What about the drivers with iPod earbuds blasting their eardrums? I hate those ads on the radio that have a car horn blasting or a siren. They scare the poo out of me!

Or is it the one handed driving that is the problem? If so, then truckies should be done for eating their breckie of a pie and choc milk whilst hooning along in a thirty tonne truck.
Or the ciggy smoker who is constantly waving his/her cigarette out the driver’s window; or the driver drinking a can of coke.

They could come down on those posers who have their lap dogs sharing the driver’s lap.

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