Friday, April 25, 2008

Good news

Brother-in-law Mike has had the big operation to insert the electrodes in his brain to stop the dyskinesia of Parkinson's Disease. The operation was done over five hours and Mike is well. I truly do not know how they kept him still for that time as he had to remain awake during the procedure. Yesterday the surgeon tested the circuitry and it all seems good. The next stage is to bury the wiring and battery/controller under the skin of his chest. It will be one month before it can be activated because of the healing that needs to take place.

Joan and her sister Dorothy were to meet at the show grounds today to go to the annual craft fare. They have been going together for at least five years. Joan waited for over an hour out the front and sensing that something may have gone wrong with Mike's operation, rang her eight times on her mobile without reply, before heading off to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital to see if Dorothy was there. She wasn't, but Joan did catch up with Mike and he seemed fit and well. Joan rang again and Dorothy answered to say that she had been in the craft show for over two hours and had left her phone in her car. She has had a lot on her plate lately and I guess forgot to go outside to see if Joan was waiting out there.

Perth has had quite a few artistes on tour recently. An 'old' favourite, Neil Sedaka is soon to be in town. Elton John was to play Perth too, but he was stopped at the airport when they found a false bottom in his suitcase.

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