Friday, April 11, 2008

Politics - politically incorrect comments!

I am not a political animal, in fact I am one of those 'idiots' who don't belong to a political party and frequently change my vote at election times depending on what I glean from the pork barrelling etc of election lead-up.

The local junta ( say Hoonta) is a Labor party and they seem to be doing as good as the other side at running the state. Just lately there has been a bit of juggling of sitting members. One John D'Orazio was accused of a couple of bits of naughtiness and was suspended from Parliament and faces charges. He was rumoured to be the Godfather in his electorate.

Another Labor party 'colleague' came out yesterday and described him as the 'most ethnic Branch stacker' of the Western Australian Labor Party. It seemed that he had rallied the 'ethnics' of his electorate to 'stack' the local party branch. I seem to remember that happening with union types and other 'ethnics', not that I am a mate of Big John.

I was talking to my sister about this and she posed the question....'Why don't Italians like Jehovah Witnesses?' The answer was...'They don't like any witnesses!'.

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