Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Born loser?

About a month ago our NavMan (car satnav device) died. I rang NavMan Australia for advice and was told that it was terminal and would cost more than two hundred dollars to repair. The man told me of their trade-in deal. Just pay $199 and post in my dead one and they would post out the new revised NavMan.

I paid the $199 and received a consignment number to affix to the package before sending it through Australia Post.

Three weeks and no new NavMan, so I emailed them asking for an ETA of my new machine. They replied saying they had received my old one, but due to overwhelming demand on the trade-in deal it would be a couple of weeks yet.

Three weeks passed and I once again emailed them only to be told that they had not yet received my trade-in NavMan. I reminded them, by pasting in their last message, that it had arrived and they countered with another email apologising for misleading me. 'That was a mistake and we have not yet received your machine.'

They then asked for a registered post reference No., and of course I didn't register the package.

After a bit more correspondence they said they would give me my new NavMan if I filled out a Statuary Declaration with dates, serial numbers etc etc. Bit hard remembering the exact dates, so I had to say 'on or about the 9th' to cover my backside. It has been faxed and I will wait and see if that does the job.

I reckon someone with tech knowledge at the NavMan complex has snaffled it and will try and repair it to sell off to a mate.

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