Monday, April 7, 2008

more outgoings

Our son Martin has fouled up again. After us spending $602 on a brake job on his car he totalled it by falling asleep and mowing down six (6) steel bollards. These bollards were set in concrete and look pretty tough. They ripped out the radiator, snapped the front cross member and wrecked the engine and gearbox.

I had to get a cheapo tow truck to remove the car and take it to his place. We may be able to sell some parts, but I suspect it will go the way of his previous car and end up going on a long trip to China and be turned into shifting spanners or BBQs.

We re-licenced the car only a few days ago and I have the plates and the paper work and hope to get a refund on the licence fee.

Martin is going through a rough stage with substance addiction and his rehabilitation is hopefully going to help. Ironically it was the rehab medicines that made him drowsy and bowl over the steel bollards. He is a handsome and intelligent man who should be in a better position than he is now.

1 comment: said...

Sorry to read you are having so many problems. Those bollards might be illegal. Paul.