Thursday, April 3, 2008

On the Beach

The centre ground-floor apartment
The View
The Beach
Le Fanu
Helen, our daughter, is preparing to shift house. She has decided to take up an offer by a friend to move into her beachside apartment. The friend and her partner work on a mine site up north and return home one week in four. The apartment is on the Cottesloe beachfront and although a bit old, is very nice. She will be paying $200 per week for two bedrooms and shared facilities such as the lounge and kitchen.

In the block of eight apartments there was only one occupied by an owner and the redevelopers have paid that elderly resident $5M and allowed her free rent for another year before they tear the block down and rebuild for the rich people.

A little further up the road is a very old derelict house named Le Fanu, spread over half an acre. No doubt the owners have been plagued by potential buyers. Joan tells me that it was recently sold to someone for a rumoured $8-10 million to be refurbished as a residence. There goes another couple of million. As my Mum used to say..'Where do they get the money?'

There is still more maintenance on the cards for Kev as plumbing and painting in the new apartment needs a bit of help.

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