Wednesday, May 2, 2007

creating a monster

A couple of weeks ago I started feeding a single Magpie some scraps. Now we have about ten 'friends' who visit about three times a day. The have become so bold that they fly into our BBQ area onto the chairs and glass topped table . If I don't jump up immediately and start cutting up some food they start up a very loud chortling chorus. If they see me through the kitchen window they wait patiently until I bring out their tucker. At first only the adult birds ate from my hand but now even the grey, young birds are getting tamer and will soon eat from my hand also.

Friends have a couple of dogs and when they want to go away a kennel has to be found and paid for. I am sure these blokes have a circuit and fly off to the next meal after they are fed here. Won't have to worry about them when we go overseas.

The entertaining part about the maggies' visit is that they swoop in and try to land on a glass-top outdoor table.

Best type of pets!

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