Sunday, May 13, 2007


There is a nice fish shop in the suburb of O’Connor and it is always a pleasure to be served by a little Italian lady. Yesterday I bought some Kingfish.

It cooked up nicely and we had another piece left over to make a ceviche dish. We usually use mackerel for ceviche, but because the Kingfish was only $15 a kilo, thought it would be worthwhile to try Kingfish. The fish needs to be sliced thinly so that the lemon juice can ‘cook’ the fish and that is when I found the parasitic worms. They are not dangerous to humans.....but I wouldn’t eat a peach if it contained fruit-fly larvae.

I took the piece of fish back to the shop this morning and told them about it, showing the worms. Although I genuinely did not want cash back or more fish I was given a couple of pieces of snapper. Yum.

We used to buy fish caught in Lake Argyle; Silver Cobbler, a type of catfish. It was very nice but we also found the same worms in some of that flesh. Haven’t seen them in fish markets for years although Lake Argyle is teeming with them. Maybe the worms put people off.

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Paul said...

My cats wouldn't eat fish with worms like that and neither would I. Totally gross! Kangaroo meat in the wild can offer up some juicy worms too, green as I recall.