Monday, May 28, 2007

Winter TV

The home gym is assembled and being used. It took two brains and a bit of argument between the two of us before it was finished.

Winter is well and truly here and it is rather nice to sit down to a bit of TV in front of a nice space heater. Joan doesn't watch TV much, preferring to read. Sometimes this is very frustrating when something turns up on the box which is of interest to us both. Kev yells at Joan to look at the screen, but by the time her eyes manage to leave the pages, the story has passed.

Another annoying thing about Joan is that when she does watch a murder mystery with me, she has worked out the plot and the guilty before I understand what is going on. She claims it is because she reads hundreds of books a year...many of them murder mysteries. A mate reckons it is because I'm as thick as a brick.

Talking about murders; who would live in the quaint little English village from Midsomer Murders where five or six murders are the order of the day? Be bloody cold in the winter too!

Bibra Lake for me.

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