Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feeling better . .

When I went this morning to have the thumb wound looked at by the surgeon I asked why I had been so ill yesterday when I had felt fine on Tuesday afternoon and evening after the op.

Apparently, ill effects from the sedative should have happened Tuesday. What had I done on Wednesday morning? Taken Panadeine Forte when I got up. Twenty minutes later I was a mess.

So now I have another painkiller to be careful of. I already knew that I cannot take morphine orally. Now it seems that I also react to codeine, though it may be OK taken after a meal. I don't think I will experiment for a while.

The thumb is fine. I cannot bend it but I can rotate it freely. It hasn't been at all painful, except if bumped. I am quite skilled at not using it; in fact I think I am just recalling manipulation techniques I acquired back in 1993 when my hands were badly burned.

There is only a small dressing on it now. Very little to show for an operation that cost over $1000 with only $400 refundable through Medicare and HBF. The hospital and anaesthetist costs were fully covered though.

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