Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bits and pieces

I dispatched a translated email message to a teacher in Bali this morning. I had my message translated by an Indonesian lady who works at Castlereagh School in Willetton. I wrote (in English) a simple greeting and then got down to business asking 5 questions regarding the computers we had dispatched to the school in the mountains.

The Indonesian lady, Pingkan, rang me at home and suggested that the letter I had drafted was not the way it was done in Indonesian. She sought my permission to add some polite niceties and chit chat before getting down to business. I, of course, agreed and her version was a lesson in cultural discourse.

Joan had a day procedure at a large private hospital today to remove a cyst growing near her thumb nail. It was a local anaesthetic procedure and she was out after half an hour of chop and rip. After the Medicare and Hospital Benefit fund rebate we have to come up with $600.
Australia has a great medicare system and wonderful hospitals, but I wonder how long public patients would wait on the free list for this little non life-threatening operation.

As we get closer to the trip to the US in July, I must get my International Drivers Licence from the RAC. I will also get information on the procedure to follow if we have a traffic accident.

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