Friday, May 18, 2007


Bought a new bicycle yesterday and assembled it in about an hour. It is made in China but branded Repco. Aluminium sprung frame with twist-grip gear change and wait for it...disk brakes! It is a very nice piece of equipment for the measly sum of $189.

A friend loaned me his exercise bike so that my lucky legs (lucky they don’t break off) would get a bit of exercise. It never happened! So I will return the exercise bike to its place, the storage shed at my friend’s place and attempt to use my new treadly to get a bit of condition in the leg muscles before we do any walking in our upcoming visit to the U.S.

I have been gradually cleaning out my workshop and getting rid of lots of tired computers I have accumulated since we started the overseas assistance projects. Cables that used to cost a fortune are now worth nothing. Same, of course, goes for computers. Something that cost $2000 four years ago is now a give-away. Just today I was donated an iMac for one of our projects. It is still a great machine, but worth about $50 these days; that is if you can find someone who wants to buy it.

I searched around for a recycling yard to take all the computers and found one. Trouble is they will only take the CPU and not the monitor. The boss at the yard informed me that they are shipped off to China where people on very low wages strip them for the metal inside and even the gold connectors in circuits. So, the monitors went to the landfill site. I was a bit embarassed throwing them out of my trailer into landfill, but there is not much else to do with them.

Flotsam and jetson of computer collecting.

How do cables and hoses get into knots all by themselves?

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