Monday, May 21, 2007

Unfit Kev

We drove up to City Beach to collect a couple of donated computers today. As I mentioned recently, computer models change so quickly and the current prices are getting lower and lower. It is in one way sad that great machines of five years of age are deemed to be obsolete and are upgraded. Been guilty of doing that myself quite a few times. They work perfectly and would be ideal for a retiree writing his/her memoirs. These two are most likely going to Bali when we next travel there.

I offered to help a friend with some minor repairs on his boat and today rode my new bicycle to his house which is about 1.5 kilometres from our place. The route has a minor hilly gradient and I arrived out of breath. After the little job, the ride back let me know that I am seriously unfit. I will have to think about some sort of exercise regime...maybe join a health club. Yeah!

We had some good news from the Indonesian lady who is helping with our enquiries about the computer installation at Catur School in Bali. She has been able to get the home and mobile phone numbers of the Principal and will ring him in the next few days to ascertain the real situation before we travel up there.

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