Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The 'Justice' system

Here in Western Australia we have a parliament and a justice system based on the British model. Should be pretty good! It is pretty good too....that is: pretty good for the criminals. There a few chaps here who seem to be able to shoot people, sell drugs, bash people and somehow not even be charged, let alone convicted. These blokes are all mates and are Perth's own mafia. Troy Mercanti shot an asian gang member in a night club with an unlicenced pistol and several of his mates helped get rid of the gun (on camera). A couple of our local footy heroes were involved in a minor way. Troy boy was slashed by the asian gang member before shooting the slasher. No one was charged.

Troy has just given himself up to the police over an unprovoked nightclub bashing. He is also facing court over a previous nightclub bashing. I have taught a few kids named Troy and somehow none of them were very nice.

I bet if I were caught taking a leak in an alley, I wouldn't be let off.

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