Friday, May 11, 2007

A very busy day

Late yesterday I received a parcel from my sister who lives in Esperance on the south coast. It contained photos from her family album that she wanted scanned, cleaned up and burnt to a CD to send to the US in preparation for her son's wedding there in July. That out of the way, I posted the CD off to her and then returned home and completed the small jobs on the Castlereagh computers I had brought home. I then set up a couple of them for the school computer gal, Sin Bee.

Sin Bee had been thinking about the problems I was having getting information from Bali about the computers we consigned to Catur School and when I arrived at Castlereagh School, she introduced me to a very nice Indonesian lady teaching at the school, named Pingkan. Pingkan has suggested that I find out the Head Teacher's mobile number and she will talk to him direct to determine whether Joan and I should go to Bali to finally get the computers working. Now all I have to do is get some help from The Fawcett Foundation in getting the Head Teacher's mobile number.

We have our cars serviced by a local mechanic and he and I have had long conversations about his disabled daughter. The daughter is eight and cannot talk. She has been withdrawn from school because of difficulties with other children. I went directly from Castlereagh to the mechanic's workshop to talk him into visiting Castlereagh and looking at the excellent work being done there with children like his. He is keen, but his wife, who is doing a teaching degree in special needs education does not want to admit that their daughter needs this sort of care and education. I think I have convinced him, but he is sure his wife will persevere with home schooling. The Castlereagh administration is keen to admit their daughter. It will be a pity if this opportunity is not taken up.

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