Sunday, May 27, 2007

Home Gym

I have always been good at mechanical things: cars, washing machines etc, so I thought that assembling my new home gym would be a piece of cake. I was surprised at the quality of the thing. Chinese manufacturing took far less time to get up to quality than the early Japanese efforts. 'Jap Crap' it was called. Now it is rare to get a Japanese product actually made in Japan. Retail outlets advertise made in Japan on products as a selling point.

Any way, back to my home gym assembly. I found it reasonably simple to assemble the main frame, but when it came time to fit the three cables and about 9 pulleys I could not follow the instructions with the minute illustrations. Tomorrow I will take a digital camera to the jock shop where I bought it and get pics from all angles. Another great reason to have a digital camera.

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