Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TV Quiz show

am a bit of a fan of the Channel 9 programme: Temptation. Good hosts, interesting questions and contestants. There are two ‘models’, a male and a female who are not too shabby either. The male model gets lots of other work and is found in many of the junk mail brochures that stuff our letter box every day. He looks very much like the football star Ben Cousins. The female model looks like every good looking young lady.

At the end of each episode of Temptation the winner and the hosts do a bit of handshaking and animated talking and the models move down from their last post on the set to also congratulate the winner. I notice that if the winner is a physically attractive person, both models will give them either a warm handshake and a peck on the cheek; however, if the night’s winner is not of the beautiful bod set, they tend to get at best a handshake. I don’t think I would rate too well there, either in the quiz or the congrats department.

Joan felt ill this morning after her small operation yesterday. She went back to bed for five hours and thought that she was over it, but once again she felt nauseous and chucked up. The neurolept anaesthetic: conscious sedation, was probably the villain here. Let's hope it settles down.

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