Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fawcett Foundation; Grrrr

I mentioned the difficulty we were having getting information from the John Fawcett Foundation in Bali about the computer installation at Catur School.

Through the auspices of the Foundation, two consignments of computers were included in shipping containers to Bali. The Foundation held a meeting in Perth a couple of weeks ago and I gatecrashed it to get first-hand information of what has happened to the second consignment. I left a note with my questions and yesterday received an email reply. It seems that John Fawcett considers the installation to be my project and can offer very little assistance either with information or time. The Foundation in Bali has the Head Teacher's mobile phone details and the ability to talk to him in Bahasa Indonesia, but that seems too difficult.

The Foundation did, however, see fit to publicise the first installation on their web page as 'computers installed by volunteers' under the heading of Education Assistance. Bah!

Now, information about me. My GP has put me on to a new arthritis tablet named Prexige. It has given me much relief.

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