Monday, April 16, 2007

Bali woes

I mentioned previously about a project at a school in Bali where we have set up a number of computers, desks and chairs. We also sponsor a lad in that school. The school is in a very poor area of Bali near the Kintimani volcano. Over the few years we have been sponsoring the lad, we have never received a reply to letters and gifts we have sent. We can manage a letter in Bahasa Indonesia with the help of a Malay teacher we know and have said that we would like to hear news of his progress. Nothing.

I have also dispatched another shipment of computers and peripherals and paid to get them transported up to the school and set up by a local teacher. That shipment was about 18 months ago and we have not heard whether they even got to the school, so I decided to put a bit of pressure on the John Fawcett Foundation to find out ...a. whether the lad is actually getting our letters and presents and, b. what has transpired with the second shipment of computers.

Today I had a call from the local contact for the Foundation and he informed me the the lad and the Head Teacher are not much interested in writing to us and the computers have not been installed because they could not find a MacIntosh technician. All they had to do was plug them in and press the start button.

John Fawcett is in Perth for a meeting of the Foundation and I am going to the meeting on Friday to find out what exactly is the problem. We have decided to go to Bali soon to sort out this long running problem and will be looking for assistance from John Fawcett with an interpreter and transport up to the school.

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