Friday, April 20, 2007

Reunion and Bali progress

Every year Laurel, who was my teacher in Standard 2 and is still extremely sprightly though now in her eighties, organises a reunion for women who once lived in Wongan Hills. Her assistant organiser is Judy, who was my best friend in primary school.

The reunion has been going for 10 years or so, but my sister and I didn't find out about it till 3 years ago. This is the third one I have been to. Our cousin Sylvia came too.

Dorothy and I left Wongan in 1954, so we don't remember a lot of the people who go to the reunion, but it is good to catch up with those we do know. This year there were more of them than usual. Two of them were Judy's sister and mother. Judy's mother is 93, but is very alert and though a little unsteady on her feet, quite robust. It was a very pleasant gathering.

Kevin dropped me off in Perth and went to a meeting of the Fawcett Foundation. It appears that we may be able to make a little progress in regard to the computers that he sent to Bali over a year ago. He has been promised information about where they actually are and about the power situation at the school. Once we have that we will make a quick trip and set them up. We have been promised assistance with transport and an interpreter. The school is about an hour from Kintamani in a very poor area and the teachers do not speak English, so an interpreter is essential.

We hope that this will work out. It has been very frustrating not knowing what was happening after all the work in collecting and packing them.

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