Sunday, April 1, 2007

Betacord still going

We still have a number of bits of movie viewing technology, starting with a super 8 film projector, a Betacord VCR, a couple of VHS VCRs and a DVD players in each computer and attached to our plasma TV.

A spare room houses the Beta tapes and the VCR and occasionally I slink off into that room to watch a movie from my nice collection. Then it happened...the Betacord cacked itself and started chewing up tapes. I dismantled it and found that although it played OK as soon as the tape was supposed to return to the cassette it wrapped itself around all sorts of bits inside there.

What to do??? I have a second Beta VCR of the same model for spare parts and could have found someone to fix it, but the costs are about $100 for a tame technician to do that job. Kev bought a Quokka (a weekly advertising paper) which is free for advertisers and $2.50 for buyers to purchase. There it was for $100...Toshiba Betacord with remote and 80 movies, including five head cleaning tapes. I raced out to Maddington and grabbed it. It works really well and I am gradually going through the tapes and dumping older tapes that will soon give my machine trouble.

Not one XXX movie in the lot!

I am thinking that I will buy a gizmo which allows me to digitalise them and burn the best of my tapes to DVD. I guess by the time I get around to that, DVDs will have gone the way Betacord went.

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