Saturday, April 14, 2007

Late again

Most of yesterday was spent with our son Martin swapping parts from a second unlicenced car to his licenced bomb: doors, seats, tyres, engine bonnet,interior carpet and lights. His bomb is still dripping oil and blowing a bit of smoke out the rear. The other car I bought for $80 has an excellent engine and I should remove it and install it in Martin's car, but I have lost the energy to go through the whole operation. Yesterday's little exercise was good for both of us. We have not made a cooperative effort together for a number of years. It was good for our relationship and good for me in as much as I was lacking a good project to keep me busy. Of recent weeks the most taxing task for me was trying to unwrap the daily newspaper from its cling-wrap.

We wont keep the car body when we have salvaged all the good parts. I will advertise the other spares for a couple of weeks and then sell the body. Scrap metal merchants pay around $35 for anything on wheels and they come and collect it. Not bad! All in all, that $80 has given Martin three good tyres and a load of good panels and interior.

If our neighborhood wasn't a bit upmarket, this wrecking business could be a good source of tax free cash.

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Anonymous said...

Just because the neighbours have 5 cars don't get started on them! If we do have a problem with our cars we now know who to call on!