Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Footy

Yesterday afternoon my brother Graham rolled up at 5pm with his sleeping kit to watch the western derby between the Eagles and the Fremantle Dockers, and that we did in the company of a few bottles of Victoria Bitter Classic.

Graham is an Eagles fan and in true believer form does a bit of yelling at the opposition and any umpire who gives a decision against his team. Lots of one-eyed fans yell at their TV screen. His team won the match. There are nice guys and rough-heads in both the Dockers and the Eagles. I reckon the coach sorts out who gets to be good player/bad player. There was a fair bit of biffo in the first quarter as usual then it went on to be a good game of footy. Graham cannot understand how I can be a parochial Western Australian and follow both teams. I get to be satisfied with the outcome no matter who wins the derby.

This morning we; Graham, Joan and Kev went for a walk around North Lake. Graham does a pretty good imitation of John Howard and rocketed off at a Prime Ministerial pace. Just as well, because with a little headache, I was not in any condition for polite conversation.

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