Friday, April 27, 2007

Code Breakers

I take medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. My GP (he isn't exclusively mine) is trying to control my cholesterol with a couple of drugs. One is Lipitor and the other is Jezil (gemfibrozil). Jezil is to control the cholesterol usually attributed to alcohol consumption. OK, I admit to imbibing the odd drop.

The GP upped my Lipitor from 10mg per day to 20mg per day and I am due for another blood test this coming week to see if the extra dose is working.

The test is a fasting one and it seems that early morning tests are an unhappy time with lots of people with rumbling stomachs. I will front up on Monday morning at a collection centre and sit without social interaction with fellow travelers in the waiting room of Dracula. Nobody talks in these situations. . . . .'Have you got cancer' is not a topic we should explore.

The people I most admire are the nurses at pathology clinics and specialist centres who can interpret the illegible scribble that doctors learn at medical school. They should be employed as cryptologists by ASIO to decipher terrorist documents.

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