Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rain, rain - don't go away!

The autumn gales have started and very welcome they are. Not so much the wind, but the accompanying rain is wonderful.

After the rain a few days ago the local gardens all look much brighter. Roses in particular have responded very well. Our neighbour only has white Iceberg roses and they are covered in blooms. Even our own roses, tended as they are by a brown thumb (me), are flowering well.

We walked at Manning Park this morning. Because the sky looked threatening, I took an umbrella along and that action worked its usual magic. It didn't rain while we were walking.

Manning Lake is filling gradually, though it is still mostly dry. We find it interesting to note how the water levels are changing every few days. Today we decided to go and look at the small lake in Market Garden Swamp in Munster, just down the street from our previous house. We parked the car and walked to look at the lake. No lake, just mud.

On the way we saw a big congregation of water birds - at least 2 different species, plus a couple of pink and grey galahs all happily pecking at the grass together. Then a couple of magpies arrived and the group broke up in alarm.

We were alarmed too - the skies were about to open. Since I had not brought the umbrella along to ward off this downpour, we scurried back to the car, reaching it just in time.

Showers have continued all day and the forecast is for more of the same for the next week. I hope the Weather Bureau is right, and that the rain keeps coming. Bibra Lake is no better as yet, nor is North Lake. I think it will take many rainy days to improve their situations.

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