Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise sounds a little like a French BBQ. Our friends, Margaret and Haddon have a BF and another dog of similar size and colour. Joan found a book on Bichons yesterday at the antique and collectables fair at Claremont showgrounds. I dropped it off to their house when I went to help Haddon bring his yacht/boat home from its mooring in the Swan River.

I was reminded why I had sold my boat recently....maintenance, maintenance and more maintenance! As well as maintenance we found that every time we went out on the water, there was some problem. I am not into problems these days.

He found that the mooring chain had corroded to the thickness of a bit of fencing wire. The winching up of the boat onto the trailer was done by Mark their son. Just as well, we are both due for a bit of youthful assistance. He will spend the winter with grandsons fixing and painting the boat. Both the grandsons are very good value. Sometimes I feel that we would like grandkids, but not too often.

Our son Martin's new job sounds too good to be true. A reasonable salary,a company vehicle and a mobile phone. Damn, I would have liked that job! One opportunity came my way from a friend who owns a very successful computer business. He is branching out into digital aids for elderly people and has suggested that I might be of value to him in this new enterprise. I don't know how this would work, but we are going to talk over lunch next week. Hope that is a business lunch...I have never had one of those.

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