Saturday, April 7, 2007

Carters Little Liver Pills

Easter can be a bit taxing on the Bod. I was given a vial of Carters Little Liver tablets by a friend a couple of years ago and they may get used before Tuesday. Carters Little Liver Pills are not actually for Liver stress, but Headache, Biliousness and Constipation. This lot are also probably 40 years use-by date on this little bottle!

Reminds me of all the snake oil medicines sold in health shops and even pharmacies. Take a look in your local pharmacy; tabs for Mr Atlas type muscle growth, nerve tonics, 200 arthritis cures and a plethora of tonics touted by well-known sporting and media personalities.
Who needs snake oil?

Pharmacies don’t sell the shark cartilage cure for cancer. You have to go to a private address where a very genuine fellow will tell you how the medicos are trying to stop him saving lives. He will sell you a cure for around $500.00.

Then there are the liniments that don’t actually tell you they are NOT made from goanna oil or the Balm that is NOT actually made from Tigers.

In my seemingly long life, I have seen all sorts of cures for ailments ranging from ingrown toenails to cancer. I have seen primitive people believe in the most simple trickery performed by a sorcerer.

It seems that even in this age of universal education, educated people are still willing to give anything a try.

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