Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Collecting Bottles

Every time we have driven out onto Phoenix Road in the past few days we have seen a bottle lying on the verge. It was the same one, but at least no others had been added. We never stopped to pick it up though, because the intersection has quite a volume of traffic and there was usually someone right behind us.

This morning we got up fairly late and we needed to do a short walk because of other appointments, so we decided to walk down to the intersection and pick up the bottle. We saw a council worker slashing grass at the park, and when we turned towards Phoenix Road we saw another, mounted on a lawn mower, just crossing the road to the verge where the bottle lay.

He started mowing, then got off the mower and picked up the bottle. Foiled! we thought. But he just tossed it into the shrubbery and continued mowing. Kevin went and picked it up and a couple of others as well and we returned home.

Now we are wondering why the council doesn't supply each mower with a bag. If the operator is going to get off the mower to remove bottles from his path he could just as easily toss them into a collection bag as into the nearest shrubbery.

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