Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rebecca Bauman

Today James (a colleague from Willetton SHS) and myself, met up with Becky at the Subiaco Hotel for a reunion. James was Year Master for the time Bec was at our school and I had the privilege of teaching her photography. What a gal!

She was very diplomatic saying that I hadn't changed in the eight years since I had seen her last. Liar, liar!

She has changed. She is now a sophisticated young lady, world travelled and independent.
In school she had a lip stud, and now she has no such accoutrements...not even a hidden tattoo.

She is an artist graduate and has been instrumental in organising the Festival of Perth and has been employed by art galleries. That business is not given to full employment in 'Dullsville' Western Australia. She is considering moving to Kennett Country, Victoria, where there are more job opportunities.

I have kept in contact with many of my ex students from Willetton SHS but Bec stands out as an outstanding young lady.

Hope we keep in touch.

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