Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday Barbecue

It's all over - everyone has left, and we have washed up the glasses and dishes. Funny how few entertaining china and glassware items actually fit in the dishwasher.

We got up a little late this morning so we didn't go for a walk. Instead I spent four hours in food preparation. I had planned a Greek style Easter feast. First I removed all the fat and boned the leg of lamb, made slits and inserted garlic and rosemary and prepared a marinade for it and sat it in the fridge. Then I made two dips: homemade hommus and an olive and walnut tapenade to be eaten with Turkish bread. I peeled potatoes and marinated them in a lemon and herb dressing, then prepared a dressing for the cauliflower and beans which were to be the side dish. Kevin helped by juicing lemons - I needed about one and a half cups for the various dishes. We cooked the lamb and potatoes in the barbecue.

I love having the things that I need growing in the garden. Today we harvested lemons, parsley and rosemary. I noticed the mint is doing well and I will use some of that soon.

I catered for eight, but we were only five. There is not a lot left over though. I am really tired, but I have less than 5000 steps on the pedometer.

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