Monday, April 2, 2007

Beatles line: Will you still need me when I'm 64?

We don't need to worry about that anymore - today I turned 65. If I were still working I would retire. I did have a super policy that matured today - I organised its rollover a couple of weeks ago, so we will have a slightly higher income now. I can't imagine why I thought I would continue working to age 65 when I took it out 26 years ago.

So what did I do on this important birthday?

We went for a walk this morning as usual, but instead of going home we had breakfast at the Coogee Beach cafe - pancake stack with berries. Yummy, but neither of us could finish it. I don't think we will get into the habit of breakfasting out.

I had an appointment in West Perth with a plastic surgeon this afternoon. The referral was made more than 6 weeks ago and I accepted the date because the alternative was an appointment in June!! Please don't get excited - I am not having a face lift or a boob job, though either or both might be a good idea. Instead I am having a small operation on my left thumb to remove a cyst that sticks out and has damaged the nail bed.

The appointment was at 1.45 pm. My sister had invited us to afternoon drinks and a barbecue to start about 3pm. The surgeon sent me to have an Xray at the practice just behind his offices. We were given directions that involved quite a long walk - not a problem, I welcome any opportunity to add to the daily tally. An hour and a half later I returned to the surgeon's, clutching the films.

In the meantime Kevin had had to feed the parking meter two or three times and had discovered at least three different routes from surgeon to Xray place, all much shorter than the way we originally took. It's a shame that we are unlikely to ever put this local knowledge to use again.

I rang Dorothy at 4pm to apologise for the delay. We finally got to their house about 5pm, having coped with afternoon traffic on the Mitchell Freeway (I have often heard on the radio that freeway traffic north is moving well except near Lake Monger, and we experienced this today - still don't know why though) and parking at Carine Glades shopping centre. Why Carine Glades? I will explain on the other blog.

We had a great meal at Dorothy and Mick's. Lots of lovely bubbly for the birthday girl ... Kevin was abstemious so he could drive. All in all I have had a very happy birthday.

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marg said...

kev and joan
had and i enjoy reading your website
i think it would have been cheeper to get your thum removed, instead of the cyst.
And kev was there a copy of brigadoon amoungst your films? I would like the recipe for helen's Squid salad if possible.