Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Helen's computer

Helen visited yesterday after school and enjoyed, as we did, a lamb roast. She mentioned (as kids do) that her printer was not working and that she was unable to play short videos sent to her attached to email messages.....Kev decided to go to her house and take a look at the problems.

Easy! Her Mac iBook didn't have Windows Media Player installed to play some of those mpegs. One of the mpegs she wanted to play was a .wma file titled 'The Fremantle Dockers will win the Premiership'. It shows the heading and then a baby laughing so much the he/she falls over. Cute.
I downloaded WMP and installed it....fixed. The printer had a number of jobs queued and was having a bit of a hissy fit about all that work backing up. Solution: delete the queue and start again.

We have quite a few printers and I have refilled ink cartridges for years....I've got the coloured fingers to prove it! Canon printers with separate ink tanks were the easiest to refill. Recently Canon followed the other printer manufacturers and chipped their ink tanks to stop people like Kev cheating them out of their primary income, ink cartridge sales. I use bulk inks to refill my Canon i560 printer and they work really well....but; as soon as the print head goes on that printer I will have to buy professionally refilled ink carts for our next printer. Bastards!

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