Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Australian Army Museum

I mentioned an eBay purchase I made of a commemorative booklet named 'Moresby Mice'. When I received it by post I was quite disappointed and decided to donate it to the West Australian Army Museum in Fremantle. Whilst it is not a wonderful booklet, it should be kept for posterity.

Today I went down to the museum which is housed in an army barracks near the harbour. The museum has a number of tanks and scout cars on display in the parade ground ....quite impressive although slightly tatty. I fronted up to hand over Moresby Mice and was ushered into an office where a chap wrote down details of the booklet and I signed one of those museum documents relinquishing all rights of ownership etc etc. I was familiar with that document as I had donated some other WW2 stuff before.

I have thought of donating my grandfather's Boer War medals and discharge papers but they are still something that should stay with family, although there are fewer of us left these days.

I intended looking over the exhibits, but there was still one hour to opening so I returned home. I looked the museum up on the internet and the exhibitions looked a bit ordinary with dummies dressed in uniforms and a bit of equipment in the background. I'll check it out later.

My uncle, who retired from the W.A. Police Force as a superintendent in January 1976 left us his badges of rank and the Queen's Police medal and various pieces of uniform paraphernalia. I recently decided that the Police Museum should have this impressive collection and the curator was most grateful. I shall arrange a time to deliver it to them.

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