Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Judicial System

I am regularly surprised when I read the daily paper and a case is in the news of some event that took place two or three years ago. It does recycle news and rekindle interest in that case. Every now and then I think 'whatever happened to that axe murderer who chopped up his mother-in-law and made her into pies for the school fete?' And there he pops up in the paper, now on trial and we read through all the statements and remember the initial charges.

Not so in China, the world's best executioner. The time between arrest, trial and execution in capital crimes is relatively short. And I would think there is not too much publicity about the trial or execution. Organs are harvested from Chinese prisoners when executed, and for a fee I can go to a specialist hospital and receive a kidney from an axe murderer. I have read that prisoners are prepped and blood tested for the harvesting of organs before their executions. In some cases money for the organs is given to family.

There is a lot of death about this week with another mass shooting at an American University.
We have had video and graphic reporting on the shooting and I think it will be going on for many days yet. Joan is concerned that the mass murdering going on daily in Iraq doesn't get very much publicity, compared to the amount of media space devoted to this occurrence, yet in all cases the victims are equally innocent.

We have had some nice rainfall over the last few days and the Maggies have not visited since then. I figure that they are finding enough earth worms coming to the surface after the rains.

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