Saturday, May 12, 2007

Early Morning Alarms and Excursions

Martin rang at 7.20 this morning. He was late for work and had run out of petrol just round the corner from our place. Kevin got a can and went to his aid.

Couldn't find him, so came back and tried to ring his mobile. Mobile engaged. So Kevin decided to try again. Martin rang - where was he? Kevin found him, not in the place he had said, at this moment. Phew!

But then I heard our car come back. No funnel, so that was the next excursion. Everyone highly stressed by this time. Finally got Martin on his way, we had breakfast, and I took off for the workshop I was teaching. The car was well warmed up.

Dave next door came over this evening to return some cables he had borrowed. They had been a bit concerned about all the to- and fro-ing, wondering if there had been a serious incident. I wonder how many others in the cul de sac noted the coming and goings.

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