Friday, May 25, 2007


I thought I had discouraged the maggies' visitations, but this afternoon we had a gathering of friends in our alfresco area and despite the very noisy talkfest, the seven maggies swooped in for what they thought was their feeding time. They didn't understand that I wanted them to go away when I ran at them like a demented screaming 67 year old...which I am. They just resettled at a distance wondering why they were being ignored after five weeks of feeding four times a day.

I admit to being a bit silly by feeding them in the first place but they should:

1. Realise that they shouldn't shit on their benefactors' chairs, table and brick paving area..
2. Understand that if they are not going to be friendly enough to sit on my hand, to bugger off.
3. Understand that I am an grumpy old man .

Enough said.

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