Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alan Lee

Alan Lee is a distant rellie ... not really sure what we are in relation to each other. He is retired like me and has been heavily involved in researching the Lee family tree for quite a few years. My mother was a Lee. Alan visited today bringing me up to date on his Lee family research.

Alan has collected lots of photos and information about the Lee family who emigrated from Toxteth Park in Liverpool in 1861 on the SS Great Britain. They settled in Victoria and later moved to W.A. and it is believed that the men rode horses from Victoria to W.A. seeking employment en route. The Lees eventually took up farming land east of Narrogin in the wheatbelt. Most of the brothers were successful farmers and it is sad that none of the farms exist in Lee hands today. I had many happy holiday times on my grandparents' farm at Toolibin, 30 miles east of Narrogin.

A few of the Lees were drinkers and brawlers. I'm OK on the drinking thing, but not much of a brawler. I guess I inherited the Lock family traits of humour and tolerance. Or maybe it's just because I am a bit puny.

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