Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Snails and the Ark

I get an email newspaper from News.com.au. It often contains interesting stuff that the local daily rag doesn’t cover. In today’s posting there is an article about Indian airline hostesses being stood down because they were overweight. They took the airline to court to protest unfair dismissal. Their claim was dismissed by judge Rekha Sharma and in his summing up said:

‘If the air hostesses are asked to battle their bulge..it is not understood how it is in any way unfair, unreasonable and insulting.’
‘If by perseverance the snails could reach the ark, why can’t these worthy ladies stand on and turn the scale?’

We have decided to travel to Bali within a couple of weeks to sort out the problems with our computer installation at Primary School Negeri 1 Benatih. It is going to be quite a task as not one person at the school…teachers or students know any English.

It means a day trip from Sanur up to the school with a driver who is a reasonably good English speaker to help with translation and a second trip to the school as a follow up later in the week. We figure that we need time with some teachers and especially four or five intelligent students. I think we all know that kids can learn new technology much quicker that adults.

This trip will be in business class as it allows us 30kg luggage each and we will be able to take another computer, printer and digital camera. It costs about $300 extra each to upgrade to business. Spend the kids’ inheritance.

We will of course enjoy Bali and buy the obligatory Rolex watches and copy DVDs.
Australian customs don’t seem to bother with such things as long as they are not brought into Aus. in commercial quantities.

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