Saturday, June 23, 2007

American money

I went to Garden City today to buy some US dollars for the Indonesian visa we will have to buy when we land in Bali next Saturday. You have to have the exact amount- $25 per person. They will not accept a $50 note to cover two, crazy as that seems. I bought another $50 as well, just to have a bit of cash when we arrive in LA.

I was surprised to see that US dollars are now different colours. Not as bright as Australian dollars, but certainly easier now to distinguish between $50 and $5. We had a few problems last time we were in the US, especially in low light situations.

One time we were getting on a bus in San Francisco and needed to pay $2. Kevin tried to feed $20 into the machine which wouldn't take it. We felt really embarrassed, blocking the entry of other passengers. The driver came to the rescue. He asked how old Kevin was, and when told he was 60 said " well then, just you get down the back of the bus". So we both travelled free. I can't see it happening here in Perth.

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