Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Lee stories

My grandparents' farm was at Toolibin near Wickepin and Albert Facey had a small property nearby. I recall my uncle and mother saying that Albert Facey somewhat embellished his life story when he wrote his most successful biography 'A Fortunate Life'. Facey's cottage has been moved to the centre of Wickepin town.

My uncle, on his death bed, told me of Facey starting the district's first private tennis club. Tennis was very big in small country towns and sidings. Anyway, Facey's tennis club was at his block and there were several rules in place facing members-to-be. One was that prospective members had to use a specific type of tennis racquet and they had to be nominated by a current member.

My uncle Graham (Lee) explained that the rules were designed to keep the entire Lee family out.

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